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When Using the Rotary Wizard!Rotary Wizard
       If you know your brush type and clutch plate click by brush type
       If not use by mfg/model and application will guide you through the correct parts for your machine
       Unlikely but may use by oem# or by part# if you know them

Once your brush is finished with all necessary parts you will see the following:
Extended Description
361800G50-5N   -  364147N  (Sample Numbers)
Go back to Johnson Supply Inc and use these numbers to order by. Any problems call 828-253-1450
Floor Brush Carlisle

Floor Machine Brushes by Carlisle Flo-Pac from Johnson Supply Inc

Floor Machine Brushes

Carlisle’s Flo-Pac® professional floor machine brushes are designed to make floor cleaning chores easier. Our rotary brushes and accessories are long-wearing and durable.

Johnson Supply Inc offers all the Carlisle Rotary Brushes, Clutch Plates and Accessories.

If you do not see the product you need call us 828-253-1450

Rotary Wizard  < click on Rotary Wizard button to see the brush and clutch you need for you model machine.

The pricing you see on the rotary wizard is list. Johnson Supply Inc has wholesale pricing with huge discounts. Most are priced on our site if not call us.

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Clutch Plates & Lugs


You will need a clutch plate or Lugs to mount you brush to your machine. Please go to our page to pick the right one for your buffer or scrubber. Find your brand and model and order the corresponding mount. All clutch & lug numbers start with 36xxxxxx Get the right Clutch Plate for your brush      click here

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