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Every Pile Brush is personally hand crafted in the United States.

Certified Pile Brush Lifter Model S w/Vegetable Brush & Zipper Bag

Certified Pile Brush Lifter Model S w/Vegetable Brush & Zipper Bag

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175.00 pounds Certified Pile Brush Lifter Model S w/Vegetable Brush & Zipper Bag


    Certified Pile Brush Model S

    Every Pile Brush is personally hand crafted in the United States.

    Model S Pile Brush

    Dry Extraction Machine


    What will the Certified® Pile Brush do for me?    

    Certified Pile Brush Video

    • Improve indoor air quality throughout a facility.

    • Enhance performance of cleaning chemicals.

    • Help remove traffic pattern areas.

    • Restore breathability back into the carpet.

    • Break up and remove deeply embedded soil in your carpet.

    • Add life to your commercial or residential carpet.

    • Groom the nap.

    The one essential tool for proper carpet care, Certified® pioneered and developed the Certified® Model “S” Pile Brush to remove the deeply embedded dry particulate matter from the carpets base while helping groom the nap, eliminate traffic patterns and prolong the life of your carpet and rugs. It is the opinion of thousands of Certified® Pile Brush users, that no cleaning job is complete or professionally done unless prepared by pile brushing. Skillfully engineered and ruggedly built, the Certified® Pile Brush is the industry’s leader. The Certified® Pile Brush works on both a sweeping and a vacuum action. The 4.5 inch brush gets down to the base of the carpet fibers to break-up caked, embedded soils and dry particulate matter, which are swept by the brush into the sand trap area. Once in the sand trap area, all of the heavy particles such as pebbles, paper clips, sand, and tacks rest in the sand trap. The vacuum motor then pulls the smaller, lighter particles into the vacuum bag. This process keeps the larger particles from being pulled into the vacuum motor and causing damage.

    Certified® Pile Brush Is As Easy As          1 • 2 • 3

    STEP 1

    Scope your facility to determine the carpet problem areas, then determine the lay of the carpet pile. The Pile Brush is a ready-touse machine. Just plug into the outlet. The height of the handle can be freely adjusted to desired height.

    STEP 2

    Firmly grip the handle and hold in on the lever under the handle. The pile brush will gently pull you with the machine. To operate most effectively, always start in a corner of the area to be pile brushed facing the lay of the pile.

    STEP 3

    Run the Pile Brush forward two to three steps and pull back over the same area. This is where the pile brush is most effective, lifting the pile and removing the deeply embedded soil. The Pile Brush action is complete on the back stroke, against the lay of the nap.


    • All turns must be in the direction across to the opposite wall.

    • Always face the pile as this assures lifting and opening the pile.

    • Overlap each row to obliterate any brush or wheel marks.

    • Only the Certified Pile Brush is self-leveling and automatically controls the depth of brushing as demanded by either high or low piles. As a general rule, the use of the Pile Brush is a once-over operation - forward and backward and on to a new area.

    • Only the Certified Pile Brush is driven with a non-slip timing belt and gears. It is positively geared to the brush to insure brush action when the pile is high or the pile is heavily matted.

    Special Notes:

    When not in use, do not leave weight of machine resting on brush. Place a block under the machine away from brush. (It will flat-spot its fibers, which causes vibration, poor cleaning and premature brush replacement.) During operation, do not lift the wheels up from the carpet surface. (Premature failure of both brush, bearings and drive motor can occur.) Avoid wet carpeted areas. (This is not good for the natural fiber brush, vacuum bag and motor, or its drive system.)


    To remove bag, disconnect bayonet fastened on vacuum motor and unhook clamp from handle. The clamp slides off of the bag to permit the soil to fall out. NOTE: In reassembling bayonet, DO NOT TWIST


    • Check the carbon brushes of the vacuum motor for renewal periodically depending on usage.

    • Add one drop of oil to brush drive motor at front and back bearing once or twice a year.

    NOTE: If you are using the zipper bag with disposable inserts, to empty dust bag:

    *Empty insert bag when half full to maximize vacuum performance.

    1. Unzip outer bag.

    2.  Lift up bottom of paper bag insert and roll rubber ring collar down on the tube until it is off the neck of the paper bag insert.

    3. Remove paper bag and dispose of it in a suitable waste container.



    Place the Pile Brush over a newspaper and turn back so that it rests on the rear wheels and handle. Grab the finger grip at the center of the sand trap door and pull forward and up to open. Remove all debris from inside the sand trap. Dispose of debris. Close lid on sand trap (make sure lid is always fully latched)

    REVERSE BRUSH Every 1000 hours for optimal brush life

    Turn the Pile Brush over so that the brush is exposed and up. Loosen the 4 bolts holding the brush drive pillow block and remove the 2 bolts holding the idler pillow block and lift brush up. (Pry up with a screwdriver if necessary.) Pull idler pillow block off and slide brush off of the drive pillow block. The brush may now be turned or replaced if indicated.


    If the belt is broken, it is not necessary to move drive motor, except when misalignment is the cause of the belt breakage.

    1. Remove the brush drive pillow block as directed for brush removal.

    2. Remove the belt guard.

    3. Slip new belt over motor drive pulley and brush drive pulley and reassemble as directed in brush reversal.

    4. Check that belt runs in center of motor and drive brush pulley and replace guard.

    To adjust motor alignment, loosen motor mount bolts. Push motor forward to loosen tension on timing belt or back to tighten. Turn motor slightly to the left or right to get belt running in the center of pulleys. Then tighten the motor mount bolts securely. Fine adjustment can be effected by turning bolts in front and back slightly.

    MOTOR: Out in the open away from dust and grit means longer life.

    TRANSMISSION: Brush drive is positive and geared to motor to insure continuous brush action even when pile is high or badly matted.

    OPERATION: Only the Certified ® Pile Brush is self-leveling and depth of brushing varies on the some rug conditions and height of pile.

    BRUSH: Certified® solid spiral brush has gentle grooming action - does not break, cut or pull pile loop. Does not mat and is self-cleaning. Only Certified® permits reversing of brush for longer wear. Also available with tufted nylon brush.

    PORTABLE: The Certified® Pile Brush can be wheeled up a flight of stairs.

    VACUUM SYSTEM: Certified’s exclusive sand trap prevents bobby pins, paper clips, carpet tacks or other metallic objects from ruining vacuum fan blades. Only lint and dust reach the blades and refill bag.


    Weight: 67 lbs. (30.4 kilo)
    Overall Width: 19.25" (48.90 cm)
    Overall Depth: 18" (45.72 cm)
    Overall Height: 43.25" (109.86 cm)
    Brush Drive Motor: 1/2 HP, 60Hz, 115 volt
    Brush Length: 15" Self-Leveling (38.10 cm)
    Brush Diameter: 4" (10.16 cm)
    Choice of 2 brushes: Solid reversible Vegetable fill, Tufted nylon
    Vacuum Motor: 1.25 hp universal 115 volt
    Base: Polished rugged aluminum casting
    Cable: 50' x 14.3 U.L. Approved
    Switch: Momentary contact
    Geared Drive: No slipping
    Outer Bag: Heavy outer canvas shake out bag or Heavy canvas zipper bag with paper filter bag inside
    Sand Trap: Exclusive hinged sand trap on bottom to top loading refill filter bag protect vacuum motor from metal, heavy objects
    Wheels: 4" 4" heavy duty, non-marking
    Flood Rod: Heavy 1/4" (32 cm) wall tubing fully adjustable
    Handle: Extra wide 18" (45.72 cm)
    Switch Lever: 5" (12.7 cm) plastic coated finger tip control
    Shipping Weight: 80 lbs. (36.3 kilo)

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