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Minuteman M14110 14 inch Port A Scrub Automatic Floor Scrubber 2 Brush (CALL FOR PRICE)

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120.00 pounds Minuteman M14110 14 inch Port A Scrub Automatic Floor Scrubber 2 Brush (CALL FOR PRICE)



    Port A Scrub® 14 - 14” Compact Scrubber

    Two Models of This Machine:  

    Version 1 Manual and Parts List          Version 2 Manual and Parts List


    Key Features
    • Collapsible handle for simple storage
    • Dual counter rotating brushes that remove heavy soil on smooth and three dimensional floors
    • Dual articulated squeegees that remove water in forward and reverse operation.
    • Close quarter or open area cleaning capability
    • Simple three button operation

    • Heavy duty 14-3 jacketed power cord
    • Moisture resistant switches
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Non- conductive operator control console
    • Storage setting to protect brushes and squeegees during storage

    General Overview
    • Unique dual articulated squeegees allow for open area or close quarter cleaning
    • 40 foot, 14 gauge, 3 wire power cord
    • No tool squeegee change out
    • Ergonomic adjustable operator column
    • Easy removable solution and recovery tanks for quick serviceability
    • Active vacuum system leaves your floor completely dry

    • Hospitality
    • Industrial
    • Institutional
    • Health Care

    • Machine covers 7,500 sq. ft. per hour ( Nominal)
    • Cleans concrete, tile, stone and vinyl floors of all types
    • 780 RPM 4” counter rotating brushes tackle even the toughest jobs
    • 60lbs. of brush down pressure
    • 2.5 gallon solution tank/3.0 gallon recovery tank

    Ease of Use
    • Ergonomically adjustable handle assembly
    • Simple three switch operation panel
    • Machine cleans and recovers cleaning solution all in one pass in forward or reverse
    • Quick fill and drain capability
    • Automatic solution/brush shutoff
    • Easy, no tool, brush removal

    • Multiple brush styles available

    Optional for the P14 (Port A Scrub®14)
    931893 Light Scrub Brush (2 Included) - Light (Black)
    931892 Medium Scrub Brush (2 Included) - Medium (Blue) -Standard
    931894 Heavy Scrub Brush (2 Included) - Heavy (Grey)
    931224 Front Squeegee Blade (2 required per side)
    931233 Rear Squeegee Blade (2 required)
    931235 Side Squeegee Blade (2 required)
    7732.11 Battery Pack Trolley including on-board charger ( for use with P14B)

    Model Number                     M14110 (115V) & M14220 (220V)
    Cleaning Capacity                 7,500 Sq. ft. per hr. (700 m2/h) Nominal
    Squeegee Width                   18” (450mm)
    Brush Speed                        780 rpm
    Brush Motor                        .80 hp (600 watts)
    Solution Capacity                 2.5 gal. (10 liters)
    Recovery Capacity               3.00 gal. (11 liters)
    Pump                                   30 psi
    Vacuum                               65 cfm
    Power Cord                        40 ft. (12 m)
    Transport Wheel                  7” (175 mm)
    Machine Height                    21.5” (550 mm)
    Machine Width                    18” (470)
    Machine Length                   27” (685 mm)
    Machine Weight                  (dry) 97lbs. (45kg)
    Specifications subject to change without notice.

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